About Us

The Butterhorn Bakery & Cafe has been in business for about 40 years. It is the local's and tourist's favorite spot for breakfast, lunch and dessert. Every recipe is handcrafted from scratch in our kitchen and we bake everything fresh daily in our bakery. We also offer cappuccino, lattes, homemade bloody marys and bubbly mimosas! 

We have been VOTED #1 by Trip advisor, Yelp and Google for many years in a row, due to our friendly service, efficient kitchen, reasonable prices and most importantly, great food! 

We offer both full table service and quick counter service for those in a hurry. Our goal is to bring you the best breakfast and lunch experience around. 

Come check us out today, you won't be disappointed! 

Now On Tap

Nitro cold brew coffee

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

Commonly referred to as "NCB," is cold brew coffee charged with nitrogen to give it a rich, creamy head, similar to nitro draft beer like Guinness. 

Though many lighter beers are infused with carbon dioxide, darker stouts are occasionally infused with nitrogen, 

extracting sweet flavors and a smooth finish from the beer. 

This is a direct effect of nitrogen bubbles being smaller in size than those of carbon dioxide, making it harder for the nitrogen in either beer or coffee to dissolve in the water and resulting in a beverage with a thicker "mouthfeel."